• Gas Piping

We can run a gas line to any logs or water heaters you may have. We can also connect a gas pipe to your generator! Give us a call for more details and pricing!


  • Tank Installation & Burial

We can arrange to sell and bury an underground tank for you! Give us a call and our office staff would be more than happy to give you more details and pricing on all of our underground tanks.


  • Automatic Gas Delivery

Don't want to have to worry about keeping an eye on your propane tank's gauge? Sign up for automatic delivery and Wilhoit Propane will come by and fill you up! Based on the size of your tank, the weather, and what you are using your propane for, our software system will let us know when you are low.


  • Will Call Gas Delivery

Want to keep an eye on your propane tank's gauge yourself? Give us a call or fill out the service request form below to schedule a delivery! We recommend letting us know you need a refill when your gauge is around 20% so that you never miss a beat with your propane usage! We also want you to know that 150 gallons is the minimum amount of gas you can order from us.

  • Commercial Rates

We offer commercial rates to our industrial accounts. Give us a call and see if your usage qualifies you for a commercial rate!


  • Appliance Installation

We offer a variety of appliance installations! A few examples of what we can install are cook tops, cook stoves, water heaters, and space heaters. Give us a call for more details! 


  • Appliance Service & Repair

We can service and repair all major brands of logs, stoves, heaters, and hot water heaters! Give us a call and our staff can answer any service and repair questions you may have, or you can fill out the service request form above!


  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
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